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Welcome to the world of The De Lanerolle Brothers

The De Lanerolle Brothers are not just musicians; they are cultural icons, philanthropists, and remarkable individuals who have left an enduring impact on the world of music. Their 15th-anniversary celebrations in 2024 are a testament to their musical journey, showcasing their enduring influence on the Sri Lankan cultural scene. Loved by many around the globe, they embody the power of music to bring people together, inspire change, and make the world a better place. The De Lanerolle Brothers are more than legends; they are an extraordinary force shaping the future of music.

The De Lanerolle Brothers

Welcome to the world of The De Lanerolle Brothers, a musical journey that transcends boundaries, captivates hearts, and enriches cultures. Based in Sri Lanka, this internationally acclaimed singing duo, Rohan and Ishan De Lanerolle, have become synonymous with extraordinary vocal harmonies, versatility, and a commitment to both musical excellence and philanthropy.

Achievements and Accomplishments

The De Lanerolle Brothers have performed in all continents and enchanted audiences at prestigious venues worldwide. From the iconic Weill Recital Hall @ Carnegie Hall and the Asia Society Concert Hall to the 2nd rated concert hall St John's Smith Square in London to the Bujil Theatre in Australia to the Kamani Auditorium in India not forgetting the performances in wild resorts in Africa to the concert halls in Singapore & Malaysia and smaller recitals in Europe and Castles to audiences from 50 to 50,000; their music has transcended geographical boundaries.

The De Lanerolle Brothers are actively involved in charitable activities and have partnered with prominent figures, including ICC Cricketer of the Year 2013, Kumar Sangakkara in projects like "Bikes for Life." They have also lent their talents to support schools, foundations and churches to raise funds for the less fortunate.


The De Lanerolle brothers, known for their captivating vocal harmonies, have established themselves as a dynamic musical duo in the industry. Renowned for their soulful and emotive singing, they have successfully collaborated with a multitude of famous celebrities across various genres. Their collaborations are marked by seamless integration of their unique vocal stylings with the diverse talents of the celebrities they partner with, resulting in musical compositions that resonate with audiences globally. The De Lanerolle brothers' ability to harmonize and complement the distinct voices of other renowned artists makes their collaborations a harmonious blend of talent, creating memorable and enchanting musical experiences.


Awards and Honors

Rohan De Lanerolle's title of Magister Chori, equivalent to a Doctorate, and Ishan De Lanerolle's significant contributions to The Revelations, World Choir Games champions, speak volumes about their musical prowess. Their roles in international choral organizations further solidify their place in the global music community. The De Lanerolle Brothers' ability to adapt to various music genres, from classical to pop, showcases their versatility. Their reinvention of classic hits in their inimitable style sets them apart, making them a dynamic force in the music industry.

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